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Dallas ISD schools in West Dallas: history, curriculum and options

By Renee Umsted,

March 25, 2024

West Dallas

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Dallas ISD schools in West Dallas have changed in recent years.

They’ve closed and consolidated. They’ve been demolished and constructed. They’ve been renamed. Some have yet to open to students.

But it’s not just the buildings that are transforming. West Dallas students are receiving new educational opportunities, too.

For example, there’s a magnet school focused on science, technology, engineering and math education. And in coming years, West Dallas will be home to a campus where high schoolers can access training and career programs that may not be available at their home campus.

Dallas Free Press created an interactive graphic to help readers keep track of changes to West Dallas campuses. Hover over the schools to read more about them, and use the arrows to see how student populations and buildings have shifted and transformed over time.

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