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For the people.
With the people.

Our nonprofit journalism amplifies voices in divested Dallas neighborhoods and explores solutions to our city’s systemic inequities.

Award-winning journalist Keri Mitchell, who spent 15 years dedicated to community and civic journalism at Dallas’ Advocate magazines, launched Dallas Free Press in early 2020 with the belief that all neighborhoods deserve reporting and storytelling that values their community and holds leaders accountable.

Outdated news business models prevent this, however. Advocate’s business model, for example, is based on advertising dollars. Magazines are delivered to front doors in four Dallas neighborhoods for free, and digital content is available online to anyone wanting to read it. The problem with this model is that reporting and storytelling are limited to communities where advertisers want to spend money to reach the wealthiest residents of the city. Subscription models face a similar dilemma; content is catered to people willing to pay for subscriptions.

A nonprofit model allows for a return to journalism for its intended purpose — public service. The focus of Dallas Free Press is to enable community journalism efforts in Dallas news deserts, starting with South Dallas and West Dallas, and also to build a local journalism collaborative to tackle complex civic issues.

Dallas Free Press’ collaborative partners include:

Dallas Weekly, a trusted news source for the city’s African-American audiences with a legacy that reaches back into the Civil Rights Era

Advocate magazines, founded in 1991 to tell neighborhoods’ unique stories in ways that resonate with neighbors and make an impact in those communities