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How much land does Forest Forward own around the Forest Theater?

By Renee Umsted,

April 3, 2024

South Dallas

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Over the past few years, nonprofit Forest Forward has been buying land in South Dallas, working toward restoring the historic Forest Theater and revitalizing the neighborhood.

Forest Forward, the first Black-led group to own the theater, has acquired more than 20 properties bounded by S.M. Wright Freeway, Central Expressway, South Boulevard and Warren Avenue.

Among those properties are a liquor store and a gambling house. The nonprofit closed the liquor store, which is across the street from the theater, and tore down the gambling house, which was on South Harwood Street.

But Forest Forward isn’t done yet; the group has its eyes on a few more pieces of land in the area.

Dallas Free Press documented Forest Forward’s property acquisitions in South Dallas using data from the Dallas Central Appraisal District. The interactive map at the top of this story outlines each piece of land under Forest Forward’s control. Click on different parcels to learn their ownership history, land value and other information.

Use the graphic below to see how Forest Forward has been adding properties to its portfolio since 2017.

And read our full story about Forest Forward’s land acquisitions and future plans here.

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