How do Dallas ISD elections work?

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The 2023-2024 Dallas ISD Board of Trustees. Photo provided by Dallas ISD, via Flickr.

National elections, state elections, local elections, school board, run-offs: Between all of these dates, it’s hard to keep track of when elections are happening, much less remembering what seats and propositions are being voted on for each date.

What is the Dallas ISD Board of Trustees? What do they do?

Dallas ISD’s nine-member Board of Trustees have four main roles, according to Leadership ISD:

  1. Create a vision for and assess the district
  2. Establish policies to guide the district
  3. Hire a superintendent and evaluate their success
  4. Approve an annual budget

This includes student-facing operations, such as cell phone and testing policies, staff operations, such as human resources and teacher evaluations, but also overarching subjects such  as the annual district budget and purchases, sales or development of Dallas ISD-owned property.

The board meets twice a month, once for briefings on potential policy changes, and once to vote on policy changes and hear from the public. Both meetings are open to the public at Turney W. Leonard Governance and Training Center, or virtually. Dates are available on the Dallas ISD online calendar.

Dallas ISD trustees are not involved in day-to-day school or district operations; those are overseen by the superintendent, whom the trustees hire and evaluate, and as well as their staff.

How long are trustees’ terms? When do they get elected?

Each trustee serves a term of three years, with staggered terms, meaning not every trustee seat has an election in the same year. It’s important to note that Dallas ISD districts do not align with the boundaries of Dallas City Council districts

Here is the Dallas ISD election schedule, which repeats every three years.

Start of Trustee TermDistricts ElectedEnd of Trustee Term
2024District 1, District 3, District 92027
2025District 4, District 5, District 72028
2026District 2, District 6, District 82029

When and where are elections for Dallas ISD Trustees held?

Elections are held the first Saturday of May, each year. Early voting is also available starting twelve days before the regular election, and ending three days before the regular election. Registration typically ends thirty days before election day, about two and a half weeks before early voting begins. Registration dates are typically announced in January of their respective year.

Here is the 2024 voting schedule and the anticipated voting schedule through 2028. 

YearEarly Voting PeriodElection Day
2024Monday, April 22 – Tuesday, April 30Saturday, May 4
2025*Monday, April 21 – Tuesday, April 29Saturday, May 3
2026*Monday, April 20 – Tuesday, April 28Saturday, May 2
2027*Monday, April 19 – Tuesday, April 27Saturday, May 1
2028*Monday, April 24 – Tuesday, May 2Saturday, May 6
*Dates may change

Dallas ISD’s elections page shares election notices with dates, times and locations, following the annual January meeting of the Board of Trustees. 

Any Dallas County registered voter can vote at any polling location in Dallas County. Check your registration status on the Dallas County elections department website, where you also can find information on how to register to vote.

Find a polling location nearest you on the Dallas County elections department website or the Texas Voter Portal website.

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