Want your community event listed in our South Dallas or West Dallas calendars?

Send the following details to info@dallasfreepress.com:

  • Who is invited and/or for whom the event is designed;
  • Where the event takes place (location name, address and, if applicable, specifics on room, transportation and parking, etc.);
  • When the event takes place (date(s), start time and, if applicable, end time);
  • What people can expect at the event (brief description including event organizer(s), cost, etc.);
  • How to ask questions or get more information (website, RSVP link, contact name, email, phone number);
  • Image from a past event or representing the event, and/or an event flyer

You also can directly submit event details to our South Dallas or West Dallas community calendars here:

Submit New Event

We do our best to post events that are submitted at least a week in advance, and we encourage you to submit events as soon as possible. We don’t post all events, just those that take place in South Dallas (mainly 75210, 75215) or West Dallas (mainly 75212), or have a strong neighborhood connection noted in the event description, and that are accessible and applicable to most neighbors.

Our editorial team highlights calendar events in weekly text messages and social media posts, and in every-other-week newsletters. We tend to highlight celebratory and civic events designed for our communities that benefit our communities. We can’t guarantee that your event will be posted or highlighted, so if you want to ensure event promotion, please contact us about sponsorship opportunities.

Need help submitting an event? Scroll down and click the “Start” button to view our how-to guide. If you still have questions, email info@dallasfreepress.com or call ‭469.290.4553‬.